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Exporting and Importing Themes


You use the Transport Themes tool to import and export themes as compressed files.


Activating the UI Theme Designer deactivates the export functionality.

  1. Choose Start of the navigation path System Administration Next navigation step Transport Next navigation step Transport Themes End of the navigation path.

    Your custom themes are listed under Export Themes .

  2. To export a theme, choose the theme to be exported and specify a target folder for the compressed file.

  3. To import a theme:

    1. Specify the path to the theme that you want to import or choose Browse to select the compressed file of a theme.

    2. If you want the imported theme to overwrite existing themes, select Overwrite Existing Theme .

    3. Choose Import .


You can also transport themes by including them in a standard portal transport package. For more information, see Transporting Portal Objects .


When themes are imported, the portal automatically reloads, upgrades, if necessary, generates, and saves the themes in the PCD and in the file system. This process also happens when the portal or the design service restarts. If a restart is planned, you can save the time required for this process during import by going to SAP NetWeaver Administrator and changing the value of the following property in the design service to false :

Service - designservicepcdnotification under portal component

Property - Generate_Imported_Themes

For more information, see Accessing Portal Services in SAP NetWeaver Administrator .