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Creating and Publishing Dashboards with BW Data


  1. Call SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards on your PC.
  2. You have the option of inserting an Excel worksheet file into an SAP BusinessObjects-Dashboards file or importing Excel worksheets into the file.
  3. Because the "design first" principle applies when working in SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards, you should start by linking UI components, such as tables and diagrams (charts), with cells or cell areas of the worksheet.
  4. Once the design of the dashboard is complete, use the Data Manager in SAP BusinessObjects Dashboard to create a connection to a BW system (connection type SAP NetWeaver BW Connection). Once you have logged on to the BW system, the BEx Open dialog appears. Here you can choose the required query or query view.

    You can use various BW connection to link the various UI components of your dashboard. The selected queries and/or query views must all originate from one single BW system.

  5. Once you have created the connection to a BW system (and therefore to the BW server), you can configure this connection in the Data Manager. In the Data Manager, you can connect data from the dashboard table to the worksheet (or an area of the worksheet). Here you can set filters, connect query data to a cell area of the worksheet, preview the data and configure the data update.
  6. It is also possible to translate texts (that you have inserted in UI components and connected to worksheet cells/cell areas) as BW objects.
    1. To do this, choose Translation Settingsin the SAP menu.

    2. Select the Activate Support for Translationcheckbox.

    3. In the next step, configure the cell area that is assigned to the text. To do this, choose Addand then select use Areato select the required cell area.

    Now the selected cells and text are translated as BW objects into the user's logon language. For more information on the BW transport connection, see Translating Text for BW Objects.

  7. Choose Publishin the SAP menu. The BEx Save dialog appears. Here you can save the dashboard on the connected BW system or export it to a different BW system. Saving the dashboards the BW system (and therefore on the BW server) allows them to be transported and translated like BEx objects.

    If you are already connected to a BW system and want to save the dashboard in a different BW system, choose Disconnectin the SAP menu and Publish as.

  8. To display the dashboard, choose Startin the SAP menu. The dashboard is displayed in a new browser window. Navigation in the displayed data is restricted to filters and variables.

    Note that you can only use the Startoption if you have already saved the dashboard in a BW system.


You have various options for using and finding the dashboards created with SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards from BW data in SAP NetWeaver.

More information: Using Dashboard in SAP NetWeaver BW

You can find out more about the Dashboard Design functions in the manual for SAP BusinessObjects Dashboard Design, in the SAP Help Portal at Start of the navigation path Next navigation step SAP BusinessObjects Next navigation step Business Intelligence (BI) Solutions Next navigation step Dashboard and Presentation Design (Xcelsius) Next navigation step End-User Documentation  Next navigation step Dashboard and Presentation Design End of the navigation path.