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 Preparing the Budget Planning


For more information on the applications, see Budget Planning for Plant Maintenance and Customer Service (MCB) .


  • You are using Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher.

  • You have activated the following options in the security settings of the browser:

    • Active Scripting: Enable

    • Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins: Enable

      You can find the settings under Start of the navigation path Tools Next navigation stepInternet Options End of the navigation path on the Security/Local Intranet tab page .

      The settings are necessary so that the Javascript part runs and the start page works.

  • You have defined how budgets should be planned in your company: history-based , zero-based or combined.

    You create the budgeting method in the BW-BPS system ( SAP Business Information Warehouse). For this, define the variable Scenario: 1=Histor. 2=Zero-bas. 3=Both (4MCBV502) .

  • You have created a link for the Web UI , so that you can call up the budget planning.

    To create the link for the Web UI, call up the BW-BPS system and choose Start of the navigation path Business Planning and Simulation Next navigation stepWeb Interface Builder Next navigation stepExecute. End of the navigation path Specify SAPMCBW501(Maintenance Cost Budgeting) as the Web interface.

    You can change the contents of the start page, if required. For more information, see Changing the Contents of the Start Page .

  • For more up-to-date information on the installation, see SAP Note 733833.

Process Flow

  1. Activation of the BW content

    For more information, see SAP Note 733825.

  2. Check the source data

    Ensure that the source data in the ERP system is correct, so that the budget can be planned on a reliable data basis.For this, check the data of the technical objects, the maintenance plans, and the maintenance task lists. Ensure that the following data is complete and correct:

    • Technical objects: Is the assignment of the technical objects to the maintenance planners (for example, via planner group or cost center) correct?

    • Task lists: Are the planned operations, materials, quantities, and so on, correct and complete?

    • Maintenance plans: Is the maintenance item data (technical object, order type, service type, task list) and the scheduling data complete and correct?

  3. Customizing

    Make the Customizing Settings .

  4. Extraction of the source data

    Import the data from the ERP source system into the following data targets:

    • Master data

      • 0EQUIPMENT – Equipment

      • 0FUNCT_LOC – Functional location

      • 0TASKLIST – Task list

      • 0MAINTPOS – Maintenance item

      • 0PM_ORDER – Maintenance order

    • Movement data (Basis cubes)

  5. Provision of the Data Basis for the Budget Planning

    Import the data from the basis cubes into the planning cube.


You have prepared the budget planning for plant maintenance and customer service and can now plan the budget in the Web UI. For more information, see Creating a Budget Proposal .