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Function documentationTrace Functions


You can use the trace functions to follow the process of various operations in your SAP system. This allows you to monitor the system and to isolate problems that occur.


You can use the trace functions to monitor the following operations in your system:

  • SQL database accesses

    For more information, see the SQL trace documentation in the documentation on tools in the ABAP Workbench: SQL Trace Analysis.

  • Internal operations in the SAP system and authorization check

    You can use transaction ST01 for this.

    More information: System Trace

  • Traces generated by SAP processes (developer traces)

    These are the trace files that are written by the individual SAP system processes. These trace files contain detailed technical information for use in the event of problems in your system.

    You can use transaction ST11 to display the trace files.

    More information: Developer Traces

  • Trace logging

    You can use trace logging to find errors that occur sporadically and to limit the number of trace files that are written at the same time. You then search for patterns in the trace. Once the pattern is found you see the most recent trace data with trace level 2.

    More information: Trace Logging


To access the trace functions, choose   Administration  Monitor  Traces   in the SAP menu.

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