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Procedure documentationChoosing Selection Criteria


  1. Start the SOA Manager (transaction code SOAMANAGER).

  2. Go to the Monitoring tab.

  3. Choose Sequence Monitoring.

  4. Specify your selection criteria.

    You can specify the following criteria:

    General Criteria

    User Name

    Name of the user who started the logical sequence on the consumer side of the Web service or the name of the user on the provider side


    All sequences or only sequences of the provider or the consumer

    Sequence Status

    All, open, or sequences with errors

    Start Date End Date Start Time End Time

    Combine the time specifications with the above fields – for example, the sequence status or the sequence type.

    Remember that a faulty or open sequence is kept for a longer period of time. The start time must be defined accordingly.

    Special Search Criteria


    Name of Software Level / Application

    Logical Sequence Key

    The logical sequence ID is only available locally and is not passed from the consumer to the provider. The application can determine when a new sequence is created.

    Technical Sequence Key

    The technical sequence ID is requested on the consumer side, created on the provider side, and then transmitted to the user of the service. The ID is identical on both sides and links the different logical sequence keys on the consumer and on the provider side.

    Message Key

    ID of the message that is sent from the consumer to the provider

    Choose Start Search.

    Entries in the Special Search Criteria fields override the General Criteria

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