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Function documentation Package Export Editor and Package Import Editor 


The following editors are provided in portal administration for the transport:

·  Package Export Editor

·  Package Import Editor

These editors permit you to navigate through content within the Portal Catalog and to select objects for an export package. After the export, the package can be imported into another portal installation.


The following table shows where in the administrator roles you can find the editors for export and import that are included in the standard delivery.


Path in Administrator Role

Package Export Editor

System Administration Transport Transport Packages Export.

Package Import Editor

System Administration Transport Transport Packages Import


With the Package Export Editor you can:

·  Create export packages

·  Edit export packages and fill them with content objects

·  Export content objects and certain languages

With the Package Import Editor you can:

·  Import packages with portal content from on system into another

·  Import packages with EP 5.0 content into an EP 6.0 portal and simultaneously migrate them

·  Import business packages from the SAP Developer Network ( and simultaneously migrate them



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