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 Web Template: Supplier Comparison (Manual Evaluation)

Technical Name: 0TPL_SR_VE_SCORES


The operational purchaser can use this Web template to display the supplier evaluation scores for the various suppliers. As well as the weighted total scores, the average criteria scores are displayed per supplier. You can choose to view criteria scores in two different ways. On the one hand, the individual criteria are represented in the four-level grouping hierarchy that is relevant for the calculation of the overall score. (Web report: Criteria evaluation (in grouping hierarchy)). This way, you can examine criteria evaluations of relevant evaluation groups more precisely and can hide irrelevant groups temporarily. On the other hand, you can also display the individual criteria sorted according to the event (confirmation in Enterprise Buyer, incoming invoice in Enterprise Buyer or supplier list) that corresponds with the evaluation (Web report: Criteria evaluation (by event)).

You can call the Web template in Enterprise Buyer from the Sourcing application and Create Purchase Order applications. The context data from the Enterprise Buyer application (potential suppliers, product categories, and products) is used to filter the report data. You can then use the filtered supplier evaluation data to select a suitable supplier.


The Web template is assigned to the role SAP_BW_SRM_VENDOR_EVAL (supplier evaluation) in the Sourcing Cockpit folder.


The role SAP_BW_SRM_VENDOR EVAL has to be activated.


When you call the Web template, a dialog box appears. Here, you specify whether the evaluation is to occur in cross-system fashion, or for a certain system.

From the Web report Overall Score you can branch to another Web template for a level 3 group ( 0TPL_SR_VE_SCORES_GROUPLEV2 ) that furnishes the dependent level 2 groups with scores. In this way, you can analyze the individual groups of level 2 that lead to evaluation in group 3.

You can branch to the records on document level that lead to the evaluation of the selected criterion, from the criteria evaluation Web reports.

From the Web template Supplier Comparison (Manual Evaluation) , you can branch to the following supplier evaluation Web templates under Further Analyses :

If the Web template is called from Enterprise Buyer, context data like suppliers, product categories, and products is transferred from the application (Sourcing, Create Purchase Order, for example). The reports contained in the Web templates are filtered using this context data.

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