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Procedure documentationImporting Job Definitions from the JAVA Scheduler


As of SAP NetWeaver 7.10, there is a Java Scheduler that allows you to schedule Message-Driven Beans. SAP CPS allows you to connect to the scheduler, import the job definitions and schedule them from within SAP CPS. The Java Scheduler has basic scheduling capabilities, like a cron on Unix or Scheduled Tasks on Microsoft Windows, but does not include features such as time windows or complex submit frames. To be able to run jobs against the Java Scheduler you have to connect SAP CPS to the Java Scheduler.

To import job definitions from the Java Scheduler, run the SAP_JXBP_ImportJobDefinitions SAP job definition to import multiple job definitions or SAP_JXBP_GenerateJobDefinition to import a single one. The imported job definitions can then be scheduled in SAP CPS like any other job.


To import all job definitions

  1. Navigate to   Definitions → Job Definitions  .

  2. Choose Submit from the context menu of SAP_JXBP_ImportJobDefinitions.

  3. Select the JXBP SAP System in the drop-down menu.

  4. Fill * into the J2EE job definition field.

  5. On Generation Settings tab select an application for the job definitions.

  6. Choose Submit.

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