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 Procedure documentation The Application Hierarchy 

The Application Hierarchy displays the organization of all the applications in your SAP System. You can use the Application Hierarchy to look at the hierarchy of SAP applications delivered with your system. Your company's application hierarchy is either created for you or, if you have the authorization, by you.

To start the Application Hierarchy from the ABAP Workbench initial screen, select Overview Applic. hierarchy SAP or Customer.

The nodes in the application hierarchy are either title nodes or development nodes. Development nodes have an accompanying package indicating there are actual objects associated with the node. Title nodes have no package and are used to help visually organize the hierarchy.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

Whenever you assign a package to a title node, a new development node is created.

You can use the hierarchy to locate a package when you know the application but not its class. This is useful, for example, when you are working in a team. If a programmer needs to update an old application that is new to him, he can find the application's package by using the hierarchy.

Click on a package to display a list of its objects.

Creating a Hierarchy

You can also use the Application Hierarchy to depict an existing application hierarchy or plan a new application hierarchy. For example, if you wanted to add a node, you would do the following:


  1.  Select a node.

The node you select will provide the top of your new hierarchy.

  2.  Choose Application node ® Create.

The system displays the Create Node dialog box.

  3.  Enter a node name or a name for a package.

The system adds a new node. If you entered a package name, the system uses the package short text for the node title and adds the package name to the right of the node.

To assign a package to a node, choose Application node Assign dev. class. This function assigns an existing package to a node or creates a new package for the node.

Searching within an Application

You can branch directly from the application hierarchy to the Repository Information System. You use this function whenever you want to restrict your search to the objects in one or more specific applications. Example: Suppose you are looking for a particular domain used in a financial accounting application.

To branch from the Application Hierarchy to the Repository System, do the following:


  1.  Select one or more nodes by placing the cursor on each one and choosing Select.


If you select a node, all of its subordinate nodes are also selected.
To deselect a node, double-click it.

  2.  Choose Repository Infosys.

The system opens the Repository Information System.

  3.  Use the Repository as you normally would.