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Procedure documentationStarting the SAP MMC 


To start the SAP MMC you can use one of the following options:

·  The Windows Start menu

·  The command prompt

·  A configuration file


Windows Start Menu

The most common way is to start the SAP MMC from the Windows Start menu:

Choose Start Programs SAP Management Console

The SAP MMC opens.

When you expand the SAP Systems node, all instances running on the current host are displayed. If you want to change the configuration so that the instances on other hosts of your system are also displayed, follow the instructions given in Changing the Configuration of the SAP MMC.

Command Prompt

To start the SAP MMC at the command prompt enter the following:

mmc.exe <MMC_configuration_file>

Where <MMC_configuration_file> is the name of a previously stored SAP MMC snap-in configuration file. Use this method to start the SAP MMC, if you have changed the configuration of the console and saved this in a file.

See also: Changing the Configuration of the SAP MMC.

Alternatively, you can specify an instance:

mmc.exe <MMC_configuration_file > -SAP_R/3_MANAGERHOST <instance _name>

Where <instance_name>is the instance that you want to monitor, for example, p18357_BIN_53. If other instances are already specified in the <MMC_configuration_file> file, the instance entered here will be added to the list.

Configuration File

If you have saved various configurations of the SAP MMC, you can start the console simply by double-clicking on the appropriate configuration file.

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