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Procedure documentation Filtering Entry Points 


You can filter entry points so that only certain entry points are displayed in a given desktop. This is accomplished by specifying a Filter ID for roles, worksets, or folders that have been defined as entry points, and then adding the relevant Filter ID values to the desktop. At runtime, the desktop in use only displays the entry points with filter IDs that match the filter IDs specified in the desktop.


If no entry points match the defined filter, all entry points are displayed.


  1.  Activate filtering by configuring the navigation_events_helper service:

  a.  Navigate to System Administration System Configuration Service Configuration.

  b.  In the Portal Catalog, open Applications Services.

  c.  Right-click the navigation_events_helper service and choose Configure.

  d.  In the FilterbyDesktopView property, change the value to true.

  e.  Click Save, and restart the service.

  2.  Navigate to Content Administration Portal Content.

  3.  In the Portal Catalog, locate the role, workset, or folder to which you want to add a Filter ID value and from the context menu, choose Open Object.

  4.  In the object’s Property Editor, in the Navigation property category, find the Filter ID property and enter any value.


You can add more than one Filter ID to an object so that the entry point can be displayed in more than one desktop. Separate entries with a semicolon (;).

  5.  Add Filter ID values to any other entry points that you want filtered.

  6.  Navigate to System Administration Portal Display Desktops & Display Rules.

  7.  In the Portal Catalog, locate the desktop for which you want to filter the entry points and from the context menu, choose Open Object.

  8.  In the Filter ID field, specify the Filter ID(s) that you defined for the entry points that you want to appear in top-level navigation. Leave the field empty to display all entry points.