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Background documentation PI (Process Integration) 

This section provides you with information about administration and maintenance tasks specific to the SAP NetWeaver usage type Process Integration (PI). It also refers you to the tools and documentation required to perform these tasks.

Technical System Landscape

The technical system landscape illustrates the main technical components of the usage type PI and the communication between these components.


For an overview of the various tools and engines required to operate a PI landscape, see Prerequisites.


The tasks to be performed for the administration of a PI environment can be grouped as follows:


This section provides information about the central monitoring of your system landscape.


This section provides information about additional maintenance tasks to be performed during operation, for example, starting and stopping systems and instances, logging and tracing, backup and restore, and so on.

  Software logistics

This section provides information about transport and change management, release and upgrade management, and software maintenance.


Scenarios Using PI

For information specific to the administration of SAP NetWeaver scenarios using PI, see:

  Enabling Application-to-Application Processes

  Enabling Business-to-Business Processes

  Business Process Management

  Enabling Enterprise Services