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Background documentation What is SAProuter? 

SAProuter is an SAP program that acts as an intermediate station (proxy) in a network connection between SAP Systems, or between SAP Systems and external networks. SAProuter controls the access to your network (application level gateway), and, as such, is a useful enhancement to an existing firewall system (port filter). 

Figuratively speaking, the firewall acts as an impenetrable wall around your network. However, since particular types of connections need to penetrate this wall, a “hole” has to be made in the firewall. SAProuter assumes the control of this hole. 

In short, SAProuter provides you with the means of controlling access to your SAP system.


You can use SAProuter to do the following:

  Control and log the connections to your SAP System, e.g. from an SAP service center

  Set up an indirect connection when programs involved in the connection cannot communicate with each other due to the network configuration

  Address conflicts when using non-registered IP addresses

  Restrictions arising from firewall systems

  Improve network security by means of the following:

  A password, which protects your connection and data from unauthorized external access

  Allowing access from particular SAProuters only.

  Only allowing encrypted connections from a known partner (using the SNC layer)

  Increase performance and stability by reducing the SAP System load within a local area network (LAN) when communicating with a wide area network (WAN)

The following graphic illustrates your network (LAN) using a firewall as protection against access from outside. There is SAProuter running on the firewall host serving as a “door” to your network. This door is only opened for connections you specify.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

This is often useful if, for example, there is a support connection from SAP to your SAP system that SAP staff use to access your system in the case of problems. SAProuter controls and monitors these connections.


Note that installing SAProuter without the use of a firewall does not protect your network against access from external networks. You must ensure that all incoming connections go through the SAProuter “hole”.

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