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Background documentation SAP liveCache Technology 

SAP liveCache technology is an object-based enhancement of the MaxDB database system and was developed to manage complex objects (e.g. in logistical solutions such as SAP SCM/APO)

In solutions of this type, large volumes of data must be permanently available and modifiable. You can use SAP liveCache technology to represent data structures and data flows (such as networks and relationships) more easily and effectively.

In contrast to MaxDB, with an optimally configured SAP liveCache database instance, all data which must be accessible to the database system is located in the main memory.

First Steps

You can find information on the concepts from MaxDB and SAP liveCache technology in Concepts of the Database System Use the Glossary to find a topic in the documentation quickly.


The following tools are available for administering and monitoring your liveCache database instance:

DBA Planning Calendar

liveCache Assistant

liveCache Alert Monitor

Database Manager: Database Manager GUI (graphical user interface) and Database Manager CLI (command line tool)

Database Analyzer

Database console XCONS

Tasks on Demand

Perform the tasks in the table below when the corresponding events occur.




More Information

Database OFFLINE

Switch the database instance to the ONLINE operational state ( starting liveCache)

liveCache Assistant

Database Manager

Operational State

Database instance failure with loss of data

Restoring the Database Instance

Database Manager

Restoring the Database Instance

Damaged index

Restore the damaged index

Database Manager


Index Analysis

Performance problems

Analyze Slow-Running Transactions

liveCache Assistant

Database Analyzer

Database Manager


Database connection to another system required

Create a connection

liveCache Assistant

Name of the Database Connection

New database version available

Upgrade the database instance

SAPInst   Upgrade Guide – SAP NetWeaver 7.0 liveCache Technology

See also the SAP notes for the recommended parameter values for SAP liveCache technology under the component BC-DB-LVC.

System copy required

Create a system copy


SAP Note 210564

Other errors

Problem Analysis

liveCache Assistant

Database Manager



Transaction LCA13

Periodic Tasks

Regularly perform the tasks listed in the table below. If possible, use the liveCache planning calendar for these tasks.


We recommend that you activate the automatic log backup. Log backups are the prerequisite for a complete backup history.



Recommended Tool

More Information


Monitor the database instance and check if there are any alerts

Monitoring the Data Area

Monitoring the Log Area

Monitoring the Main Memory Areas

Monitoring OMS Versions

Activities Overview (I/O, locking, logging)

User Tasks (database sessions)



liveCache Alert Monitor

DBA Planning Calendar

OMS Monitoring



Monitor CPU usage

Operating system commands

Overview of Processes


Scheduling a Complete Data Backup

If you cannot or do not want to perform a complete data backup every day, then you should perform at least an incremental data backup on each productive day.

The more current the last data backup is, the fewer log entries have to be imported again if you need to restore the database instance.

DBA Planning Calendar

Backing up Data


Archiving Backup Files

Only necessary for log backups on data carriers of the File type

Operating system commands

Database Manager

Archiving Backup Files


Scheduling an Interactive Log Backup

Only necessary if automatic log backup is switched off

DBA Planning Calendar

Backing Up Log Entries


Scheduling a Database Structure Check

DBA Planning Calendar

Checking Database Structures


Scheduling Updates of the SQL Optimizer Statistics

DBA Planning Calendar

SQL Optimizer Statistics

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