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Procedure documentation Creating Web Dynpro ABAP iViews 

You can create Web Dynpro ABAP iViews in the portal using the SAP Web Dynpro iView template in the iView Wizard.


You should only use the SAP Web Dynpro iView template for Web Dynpro ABAP applications. You can create Web Dynpro Java iViews using the Web Dynpro Java application template (see Creating Web Dynpro Java iViews).

Note that any Web Dynpro Java iViews you may have created in the past using the SAP Web Dynpro iView template (for ABAP iViews) will continue to run in the portal.



  1.  Launch the iView Wizard, as described in Launching the iView Wizard and General Information.

  2.  Start the iView wizard by right-clicking the folder in which you want to create the iView, and then selecting New iView.

  3.  Choose iView template as your source type.

  4.  From the list of iView templates, select SAP Web Dynpro, and click Next.

  5.  For Web Dynpro Platform, select Web Dynpro for ABAP.

  6.  Enter a name and ID for the iView, and click Next.

  7.  Select an ABAP application by specifying the following:

  System (the alias of the system representing a ABAP back end)

  Namespace (set to sap)

  Application name

  Web Dynpro client

  Configuration name

  Application parameters

  8.  Click Next.

  9.  Click Finish.