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Procedure documentation Managing E-Mail Templates 


The Administration workset allows you to manage e-mail templates, which are used as e-mail notifications in the Guided Procedures (GP) runtime.


Guided Procedures uses e-mails for various purposes. Here are some examples:

  Sending a form (as attachment to an e-mail)

  Sending error reports

  Sending confirmations, for example, of request approvals

You can use the tools in the Administration workset to:

  Create e-mail templates

  Display e-mail templates

  Edit e-mail templates

  Create translated versions of e-mail templates

  Delete e-mail templates

You can use the search function to display an overview of all available e-mail templates, which you can change or copy to change as required.


Guided Procedures comes with the FORM_FILLOUT e-mail template. This template is preconfigured for the parameter in the caf/eu/gp/model service, which you can configure in the Visual Administrator. FORM_FILLOUT contains the standard e-mail text for sending forms by e-mail. You can also use your own e-mail templates instead of FORM_FILLOUT. For more information about the configuration parameters for forms, see Configuring Guided Procedures Forms.


To be able to use a specific template you have to:


  1.  Create the template in the Administration workset.

More information: Setting Up Mail Templates

  2.  Use it in the GP design time to configure predefined or custom callable objects, depending on your particular scenario.

More information:

Predefined Callable Objects

Creating Callable Objects in the GP Design Time

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