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Procedure documentation Creating a Broadcast Setting 


If you use the precalculation and distribution functions of the BEx Broadcaster, you can determine a range of settings. You can define which BI object is to be distributed, which distribution type you want to use, and which output format the system is to generate. You enter information, for example, about the recipients, and the time or date of the distribution.

You determine these criteria in a broadcast setting.


  1.  Start the BEx Broadcaster. For more information, see Calling the BEx Broadcaster.

  2.  Under Settings for Object Type, choose the relevant object type (query, Web template, query view, report, workbook) for the function you want .

  3.  Choose Open.

  4.  Choose the object required.

  5.  Choose Transfer.

  6.  Choose Create New Setting.

  7.  Enter a description for the broadcast setting.

  8.  Choose the distribution type you want and the corresponding output format.

The following distribution types are available:

  Broadcast by E-Mail

  Broadcast to the Portal


  Broadcast by E-mail (Bursting)

  Broadcast by Exception

  Distribution Over Multiple Channels

  Precalculating Value Sets

  Filling the OLAP Cache

  Filling the MDX Cache

  9.  Make the necessary settings on the relevant tab pages.

  10.  Check your settings, if required, and choose Save.

  11.  Enter a technical name for the broadcast setting and choose Apply. The new setting appears in the overview in the upper area of the BEx Broadcaster.

  12.  If you want to distribute the broadcast setting immediately, select Execute. A new browser window appears; it displays the processing status for the broadcast setting. If you want to close the window, choose Cancel.

If you want to distribute the broadcast setting at a specific time or when changes are made to the data, select Schedule. For more information about scheduling broadcast settings, see Scheduling Broadcast Settings.


You have created a broadcast setting using the settings you want. The system distributes the selected BI object in accordance with your specifications.