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Component documentationBusiness Planning and Simulation (BW-BPS) 


Business Planning (BW-BPS) enables you to produce planning applications. You can either develop your own planning application or use the Business Content delivered by SAP.  The area of application stretches from simple data input through to complex scenarios with data extraction, automatic planning preparation, manual data input, controlling the planning process, and retracting plan data.  The architecture of BW-BPS is structured so that you are able to implement simple scenarios without great effort but are equally able to build sophisticated business-wide planning processes.  Planning applications are built from the following components:

·  A data basis for storing transaction and master data

·  Layouts for manual data input in SAP GUI and on the Web

·  Planning functions for editing transaction data

·  Characteristic relationships with which you define consistency conditions for your planning application

·  Planning packages and variables with which you define the work list for a planner

·  A Status and Tracking System and a connection to the SAP Workflow for controlling the planning processes

·  Retractors and extractors for exchanging plan data with the ERP system. These components are delivered with the Business Content.

The following graphic offers an overview of the BW-BPS architecture:

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

An introduction to planning with BW-BPS is offered in the section Overview of Planning with BW-BPS.