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Use transaction SFW5 to switch on business functions and all switches assigned to them.




       1.      Create a backup of your system.


In most cases, it is not possible to revert the changes made by the activation of the Switch Framework settings.

       2.      Log on to the development system with your SAP_ALL authorization.

       3.      Disable all batch jobs.

       4.      Close the system for all other users.

       5.      Start transaction SFW5.

       6.      Optionally, choose an industry solution in the Business Function Set dropdown list.


Only one business function set can be activated.

       7.      Select the checkbox in the Planned State column of the business function you want to activate.

The system informs you about any missing software components or support packages.

       8.      Choose Activate Changes.

If the selected settings are valid and match the installed software version, a batch job for DDIC and BC set activation starts immediately. This job takes about 30-120 min. The background activities are comparable to installing an add-on manually.


The exact time and date of the activation are displayed. Once the activation time and date are set, they can no longer be changed. If you run the activation in restart mode (for example, after an aborted activation), the activation date is not overwritten.

       9.      Check if the job is ready by using transaction SM37 or Goto Switch Framework Logs.

   10.      Reschedule batch jobs in the development system and unlock users.

Transporting System Settings

To write to a transport request all settings that are displayed in transaction SFW5, choose System Settings Transport. There is no need to select any rows because it is not possible to transport only part of the activated business functions.

You need to specify a transport request. In the transport request, there is an object with the name ”A” and the explanatory text Status Tables Switch Framework Client-Independent. The data is imported into the target system in the form of dictionary objects and is then activated.

Adjusting Name Display

It is possible that sometimes you see only the short descriptions of the available business function sets without their technical name. In such a case, proceed as follows: choose This graphic is explained in the accompanying text Customizing of Local Layout Options Expert Show Keys in All Dropdown Lists, and then choose OK.

A list with the business functions available in the selected business function set appears.

Activating Additional Languages

To activate additional languages, select the business function and in the context menu, choose Activate Additional Languages.

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