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ABAP Editor is a source-code editing tool designed to handle the specifics of ABAP coding. It is one of the main components of the ABAP Workbench.


Overview of the ABAP Editor

Provides an overview of the features of the editor, the different modes it has – Front-End (new and old) and Back-End – and a procedure for switching between these modes.

Creating a Program

A guided procedure for creating a new program in the ABAP Workbench.

Editing a Program

Provides a set of procedures for editing ABAP source code such as navigating in the source code, using the Find and Replace function, inserting statement patterns and the Pretty Printer function and so on.

Checking a Program

Describes the process of performing standard and extended syntactical and semantic checks.

Saving and Activating a Program

A procedure describing how to save and activate an ABAP program.

Local Editing

Describes how to download your source in order to edit it locally and how to upload it back to the system.




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