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Maintenance of the object attributes is the first step carried out in the LSM Workbench.


You have created a project, and you have chosen Continue on the initial screen to get to the list of steps.


  1. From the list of steps, choose Maintain object attributes.
    A screen appears.
  2. Choose Change.
  3. Specify the object.
  4. Specify whether the data is to be transferred once or periodically.
    With a periodic data transfer, you cannot import any data from the PC. Additional step Frame program is displayed.
    See Periodic Data Transfer
  5. Select the object type and import technique and fill in the corresponding fields.
    You can use the F4 help on the input fields. In this help, lists are displayed from which you can select the relevant objects.
  6. Choose Back or F3 to return to the list of steps.


The object attributes and, as a consequence, the import method for the data to be migrated have been defined.



When you select the batch input or direct input method, documentation is displayed for the program (see icon).

When you select the batch input recording, you can make additional recordings after activating the icon.



If you select the BAPI or IDoc method, the system checks whether a so-called “partner profile” for the defaulted partner and the selected message type already exists when you save the data. Otherwise, the system tries to create them. See also: Converting BAPIs/IDocs


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