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Function documentation Web Template: Simple Price Comparison of RFx Responses  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

Technical Name: 0VGL_ANGEBOTE


This Web template displays all RFx responses for an RFx with price and quantity information. It allows a comparison of RFx responses based on price. From here, you can navigate to templates for a bidder comparison.

To make it easier to identify the best RFx response, the lowest price and the lowest value is highlighted in green for each item. The worst RFx response, in other words, the bid with the highest price and value, appears in red. In addition, you can use the filter symbol to restrict the data. You can then compare information for a certain attribute. You can hide RFx responses that are to be excluded from determination using the X symbol.


The Web template uses the table interface class RS_BCT_SRM_VGL_ANGEBOTE to add the symbols to hide and filter, and to select the lowest price and the lowest value.

This Web template is assigned to the role SAP_BW_SRM_BIDDING_PURCHASER (RFxs and RFx Responses for Purchasers).


The role SAP_BW_SRM_BIDDING_PURCHASING has to be activated.


From the Web template Simple Price Comparison of RFx Responses, you can branch to the following Web templates under Further Analyses:

      Compare all Bidders (0ANALYSE_BIETER)

      RFx Response Comparison of Attributes (0TPL_SR_BID_ATTR_OF_BIDS)

      RFx Response Comparison with Other RFxs (0TPL_BBP_BID_Q006)





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