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Procedure documentation Deleting Query Objects  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You have already defined at least one query, or a structure, or a restricted or calculated key figure.


  1. In the SAP Easy Access Menu of the BW system, choose SAP Menu Business Explorer Query Delete Objects. This brings you to a selection screen.
  2. Choose the type of object to be deleted (query, structure, restricted key figure or calculated key figure).
  3. Where necessary, restrict your search further, for example, to a certain InfoProvider, to certain technical names or to the last person to make a change..
  4. Choose Execute. You get a list of all query objects that match the selection criteria. The list contains the technical names of the query objects, the name, and the long description of the InfoProvider, for which the objects are defined.
  5. Select the objects that you want to delete.
  6. Note

    Choose This graphic is explained in the accompanying text to select all of the objects.

  7. Choose Transfer.

Option of Deleting Workbooks after Deleting Queries

After you have deleted a query, you can decide whether you also want to delete all the workbooks that contained a query which has now been deleted. All users can delete workbooks from any of their favorites and roles. This means there is no risk of accessing workbooks with deleted queries in.


The query objects you specified are deleted.

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