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If you need to use a processing type other than manual entry / default value, replacement path, SAP exit, or authorization, then a customer exit gives you the option of setting up a processing type for variables, tailor-made to your specific needs.

The customer exit is designed as an enhancement that you can configure with customer-specific logic. You can find detailed information about customer exits and their use in the Enhancements to the Standard section of the BC Changes to the SAP Standard documentation.


You can process all variable types (characteristic value variables, hierarchy node variables, hierarchy variables, formula variables and text variables) using the Customer Exit processing type.


You have created a project in the CMOD transaction. You have selected SAP enhancement RSR00001 and assigned it to the enhancement project.  You have activated the project.


In SAP Enhancement Help, you can get further information on working with the SAP enhancement for global variables in reporting. Call up the transaction SMOD. Enter the name of the enhancement (RSR00001), choose Documentation and then Edit Display Sub-object.

You can find general information about working with customer exits under Help Application Help in transaction CMOD.


The Customer Exit processing type for variables allows you to use a function module exit to set default values for variables. The function module EXIT_SAPLRRS0_001 is used here.


You want to use one characteristic value to calculate a second characteristic value. The InfoProvider only contains the calendar day. However, you now also want to see in a query the cumulated value for the relevant period (beginning with the first day of a quarter).

For the first day of the quarter, use a variable with customer exit processing. If you now enter the current calendar day (19.06.2000, for example), a start date of 01.06.2000 appears in the customer exit, and the cumulated value of this period can be displayed.


Sales 19.06.2000

Sales – 01.06.2000 – 19.06.2000











In the variable wizard, in the General Information dialog step, choose the processing type Customer Exit.


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