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The following sections describe how to configure UME to suit your requirements.

        UME Data Sources describes the features and restrictions for the data sources supported by UME.

        Configuring UME to Use an LDAP Server as Data Source describes the steps you need to take to set up UME to use an LDAP directory for storing user management data.

        Editing UME Properties and Files provides instructions on changing UME properties and data source configuration files.

        Customizing a UME Data Source Configuration provides details on creating a custom data source configuration.


We do not recommend that you create your own data source configuration. You should only use this option in exceptional circumstances.

        Replication of User Data explains how to set up replication of user data from the UME to ABAP-based SAP systems.

        Security Policy explains how to configure the UME security policy which controls aspects such as password length. It also outlines how to configure the UME security policy so that it does not conflict with the security policy of the UME data sources (such as ABAP user management).

        Notification by E-Mail describes how to set up UME to send automatic notification mails on specific events, for example, when an administrator locks a user.

        Companies outlines the UME company concept and explains how to use companies for self-registration with approval and for a form of delegated user administration.

        Additional Customizing Options provides information on how you can customize various aspects of UME functions.

        Logging and Tracing provides an overview of where to find logging and tracing information for the UME and UME service.

See Also

        For an overview of the features of UME, see User Management Engine

        UME User Administration

        UME Reference - reference information on UME properties and configuration files

        Configuring SSL Between the UME and an LDAP Directory

        Configuring SNC Between the UME and an ABAP-Based System


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