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The Change Management Service (CMS) is part of SAP NetWeaver Java Development Infrastructure. This service enables you to configure your transport landscape and manage the transport of objects between different systems.


For information about installing the SAP NetWeaver JDI, see SAP Service Marketplace at Dev Env Installation GuideSAP NetWeaver JDI.

The use of the CMS for design and configuration objects is optional. It presents an alternative for transports between different Integration Repositories and Integration Directories, which you can also execute using the file system (see: Transporting Using the File System).


To transport XI objects using CMS, you must configure an XI track (repository type: XI) in the CMS Landscape Configurator.


You launch the CMS tools from your Web browser. See: Launching the CMS Web User Interface.

The track determines the transport route for the configuration and design objects for each software component version:

        For repository transports, you assign the software component versions that you want to use to the track.

        There are no software component versions in the Integration Directory. Therefore, for directory transports using the CMS, you specify the software component version SAP-INTDIR 3.0 (EXCHANGE DIRECTORY 3.0). This refers to all configuration objects of the Integration Directory.

You enter the server addresses for a maximum of three different Integration Repositories or Integration Directories: one for development (DEV, mandatory), one for consolidation (CONS, mandatory), and one for the productive environment (PROD, optional). Enter a URL with the following structure: http://<server>:<port>/rep/ or http://<server>:<port>/dir/.

See also: Creating an XI Track

Transport Scenarios

CMS supports the following scenarios for transporting design and configuration objects:

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

In the case of transport scenarios with linked tracks, the objects versions in PROD1 must be identical to those in DEV2. You can only link XI tracks from different system landscapes (see also: Connecting Tracks); this means if you link two tracks, A and B, a system from track A may not appear in track B. You can enter the systems for both system landscapes in a System Landscape Directory.


Once you have set up your tracks by using the Landscape Configurator in CMS, execute the transports by using the Transport Studio and the Integration Builder (see: Overview).






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