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Background documentation 3. Check the Instance Bootstrap Developer Trace File  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

If the instance bootstrap was started, you need to analyze the following trace file:


The following problems may have been logged:

     The Java files for the bootstrap are missing:


*** ERROR => Can't load main class [

Verify that the <DIR_INSTANCE>/j2ee/cluster/bootstrap directory exists and that it is not empty.

     The Java VM starts, but aborts immediately:


JLaunchIAbortJava: abort hook is called

Check the bootstrap log files. See 4. Check the Instance Bootstrap Log File from the Java VM.

     The Java VM starts and terminates with a non-zero return code:


JLaunchIExitJava: exit hook is called (rc=66)

Check the bootstrap log files. See 5. Check the Output from the Instance Bootstrap Java Class.

If you cannot find any problems in the bootstrap developer trace file, create a customer message for the BC-JAS-COR component, create an archive containing the installation log files and all files from the <DIR_INSTANCE>/work directory, and send the archive as an attachment to the customer message.



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