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Print Controls

Print controls are generic format indicators for print operations, such as for activating bold, changing the font size and so on. During formatting, the generic indicators are replaced by the printer commands required by the specific device type. The print controls, together with the Device Type Formats, make up the language for the R/3 formatting of an available printer or other output device.

To be able to use a new print control in a document, either the task of the print control must be programmed in an ABAP report or ABAP program, or the print control must be added to SAPscript documents. A print control can be either added directly to SAPscript or to the definition of an SAPscript form.

Creating a new print control

If you are defining a completely new print control, you need to do the following:

  1. Add it to the Standard print controls.
  2. Procedure: Entering a Print Control in Standard Print Control

  3. Implement it in the device types in which it is needed. Implementing a print control requires simply that you specify the print command(s) that are to be triggered by the print control.
  4. Procedure: Adding Print Controls to a Device Type Definition

  5. Put the new print control into effect in the SAP System by adding it to the ABAP reports (with the PRINT-CONTROL statement) and SAPscript layout sets (in window texts with /: PRINT CONTROL <name>) or standard texts in which it is to be used.

Changing print controls

Changing the definitions of existing print controls (for a new device type, for example) is simpler than adding a new print control. You need only edit the print controls in the device type in which they are required.

Do not change print controls in a standard R/3 device type. Do this only in a new device type or a copy of an R/3 standard device type.

Procedure: Specifying Escape Sequences for Print Controls

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