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Function documentation Using the ICM Monitor  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You can use this transaction (SMICM) to monitor and administrate the Internet Communication Manager, which sends and receives requests to and from the Internet.


The ICM is running on the server. In the Server Overview (transaction SM51) you can see the work process types provided on the server and the entry ICM.


To start the ICM monitor from the SAP menu choose Administration System Administration Monitor System Monitoring    ICM Monitor, or enter transaction SMICM.

In the initial screen you can see a list of the Worker Threads from the activities of the individual threads.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text


The fields in the display have the following meaning:




Thread number:

The threads that are available for processing (receiving or sending) requests are numbered by the ICM (like the work processes by the dispatcher).                                          

Thread ID

The thread ID that is assigned by the operating system (analogous to the PID for processes).                                                         


The number of requests that were processed by this thread.


The current status of the thread.                    

The following values are possible:                                        

Free: The thread is waiting for a request.

Running: The thread is processing a request. In this case, you can display detailed information by double-clicking on the line. Column Processed Request also displays more information.  

Processed request

The type of request that the thread is currently processing.                   

Possible values are:  

Blank field

No action


Action that is triggered from transaction SMICM or program icmon, for example, display list. For this reason at least one thread always displays Administration, if you call SMICM.                            

Read request

Reads the request (server)

Read response

Reads the response (client)

Write request

Writes the request (client)

Write response

Writes the response (server)

Open connection

Sets up connection to a server

Close connection

Closes connection to a partner

Accept connection

Accepts the connection from a client

Time-dependent action

Executes time-dependent (periodically scheduled) events

Execute shutdown

Ends ICM

Wait for response (SERV)

Waits for a response from the application server (SAP Web AS is a server with active connections)

Wait for response (CLNT)

Waits for a request from the application server (SAP Web AS is a server with active connections)

From the menu on this initial screen, you can use various functions. These are described in detail in the following sections:

        Monitoring the State of the ICM.

        Monitoring and Administrating the ICM Server Cache

        Displaying and Changing Services




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