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You can integrate business-relevant content from the SAP Business Information Warehouse seamlessly into a SAP Enterprise Portal. The SAP Enterprise Portal enables you to access applications from other systems and sources, such as the Internet or intranet. Using one entry point, you can reach both structured and unstructured information. In addition to content from Knowledge Management, business data from data analysis is available to you from the Internet and from the Intranet.

The integration of SAP BW content into the SAP Enterprise Portal enables you to work more closely and more promptly with company colleagues when you need to do so. For example, this can help when you need to insert notes and commentary for key figures and reports, run approval processes automatically, and in doing so, take part in decisions within a broad company context.

The preparation of information is based on user roles in the company. Since the SAP Business Information Warehouse uses the role concept, integrating SAP BW contents into the Portal is easy. SAP BW users see their SAP BW role in the Portal with the same content. For more information about the migration of roles, see Differences between SAP EP 5.0 and SAP EP 6.0.

Furthermore, you can also use the iView concept to integrate SAP BW applications and bring individual Web applications from SAP BW as an iView into the Portal. You can then display and use them from a page in the portal, together with other iViews from the SAP BW system or from other systems.


Integration using iViews has been enhanced considerably in the combination of SAP BW 3.5 – SAP EP 6.0 as compared to the combination SAP BW 3.x – SAP EP 5.0. Using the BEx Web Application Designer, you can create iViews directly in the Portal in SAP BW 3.5.

BEx Information Broadcasting allows you to precalculate BEx Web Applications, queries and workbooks and to distribute them into the SAP Enterprise Portal. Furthermore, you can generate online links to queries and Web applications and then publish them in the Enterprise Portal. The BEx Portfolio, based on Knowledge Management, forms the central entry point for access to business intelligence information in the SAP Enterprise Portal.  For more information, see BEx Information Broadcasting.

The unification concept for the Portal enables you to directly set contents from the SAP BW system with contents from other systems or from the Internet in relation to one another. With Drag&Relate, you can link data together across system boundaries in order to obtain additional information. For more information about Drag&Relate, see Drag&Relate with BW Content in the Enterprise Portal.

Implementation Considerations

For the integration of SAP BW and SAP EP, after installation of both systems, it is necessary that you configure them both. You also need to install a Precalculation Service for precalculation and distribution of workbooks for information broadcasting. For more information, see:

        Internet address  SAP NetWeaver  Release 04 Installation Installation Guide – SAP Business Information Warehouse 3.5.

        Configuration for the Integration of SAP BW and SAP EP

        Configuration for Information Broadcasting


This documentation refers to the integration of

        SAP BW 3.5 and SAP EP 6.0

        SAP BW 3.5 and SAP EP 5.0

        SAP BW 3.x and SAP EP 6.0

For more information about the features of the SAP Enterprise Portal 6.0 in comparison to SAP Enterprise Portal 5.0, see Differences Between SAP EP 5.0 and SAP EP 6.0.


In this documentation, the name SAP EP 6.0 is used. This name refers to the SAP NetWeaver component SAP EP 6.0 on Web AS 6.40.




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