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Use this document to familiarize yourself with the architecture of the Portal Platform, its components and services.


The portal is a single point of access to integrated information, from heterogeneous sources through Web services. Sources of information ranging from the Internet to enterprise back-end systems deliver content presented in the portal.

Portal components and services are the mechanisms that provide content as iViews, which are programs that run in the portal client, such as a Web browser.

To run the Portal Platform, the end user needs a standard Web browser on the desktop; no additional software components are required.

Once logged on, users can access the information in the iViews to which they have privileges through the security mechanisms for authentication and authorization.

In addition, end users can configure and personalize the portal, making it unique to their individual preferences and working styles. For example, users may configure the portal to display only the information they wish to see. Information available to any one individual can be different, depending on his or her authorization levels.


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