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This graphic is explained in the accompanying text Server Connection to a Unicode Backend System  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

If you want to make outbound RFC calls from a Unicode SAP system to a JCo server instance, the server must be set up using the additional server Property jco.server.unicode=1.

You also need to set the unicode option for your RFC destination in transaction SM59 (tab page MDMP_Unicode). 


Then add an extra constructor to class MyFirstServer


 public MyFirstServer(String gwhost, String gwserv, String progid, boolean isUnicode

                         IRepository repository) {


               this.setProperty("jco.server.unicode", isUnicode?"1":"0");



and modify the method startServers.


 public static void startServers()  {

      JCO.addClientPool("POOL",  3, "000", "user" ,"password" , "EN",

                                     "abap_system" ,"00");        


      IRepository repository = JCO.createRepository("REP", "POOL");

      for(int i = 0; I < serverConnections.length; i++) {

           // Server listens for incoming requests from system 1

           // (Change gateway host, service, and program ID according to your


           serverConnections [i] = new MyFirstServer

                             ("gwhost",  //gateway host, often the same as ashost

                              "sapgw00", //gateway service, generally sapgw+<SYSNR>

                              "JCOSERVER01", // corresponds to the program ID defined in SM59

                              true, // or false for non unicode listener


           serverConnections [i].start();









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