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Object documentationOverview: Authorization Objects  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

There are two object classes in the Business Information Warehouse:

        Business Information Warehouse - Reporting

No authorization objects are delivered in this object class. You create user authorization objects for reporting as and when you require them. You can find out how to create authorization objects for the object class “Business Information Warehouse - Reporting” in the section Setting Up Reporting Authorizations.

        Business Information Warehouse

Furthermore, there are authorization objects for Data Mining that are delivered in their own object class.

The following authorization objects are defined in the object class “Business Information Warehouse”:

Authorization Object/ Technical Name


Administrator Workbench -

Objects /


Authorizations for working with individual objects of the Administrator Workbench. In detail, these are: source system, InfoObject, monitor, application component, InfoArea, Administrator Workbench, settings, metadata, InfoPackage, InfoPackage group, Reporting Agent settings, Reporting Agent package, documents (for metadata, master data, hierarchies, transaction data), document store administration, (customer) content system administration, broadcast settings.

Administrator Workbench - InfoObject / S_RS_IOBJ

Authorizations for working with individual InfoObjects and their sub-objects

Until Release 3.0A, only general authorization protection was possible with authorization object S_RS_ADMWB. General authorization protection for InfoObjects still works as in the past. Special protection with S_RS_IOBJ is only used if there is no authorization for S_RS_ADMWB-IOBJ.

Administrator Workbench - InfoSource (flexible update) / S_RS_ISOUR

Authorizations for working with InfoSources with flexible updating and their sub-objects

Administrator Workbench - InfoSource (direct update) / S_RS_ISRCM

Authorizations for working with InfoSources with direct updating and their sub-objects

Administrator Workbench - InfoCube / S_RS_ICUBE

Authorizations for working with InfoCubes and their sub-objects

Administrator Workbench - MultiProvider / S_RS_MPRO

Authorizations for working with MultiProviders and their sub-objects Until BW 3.0B, Support Package 1, authorizations for MultiProviders were checked by using the authorization object S_RS_ICUBE. As of BW 3.0B, Support Package 2, this can be maintained, or you can change the check over to the authorization object S_RS_MPRO. In Customizing, choose SAP Customizing Implementation Guides  SAP NetWeaver  SAP Business Information Warehouse  General BW Settings  Settings for Authorization.

Administrator Workbench – ODS object / S_RS_ODSO

Authorizations for working with ODS objects and their sub-objects.

Administrator Workbench - InfoSet / S_RS_ISET

Authorizations for working with InfoSets

Administrator Workbench - hierarchy / S_RS_HIER

Authorizations for working with hierarchies

See also:

Authorizations for Hierarchies

Administrator Workbench – Master data maintenance


Authorizations for processing master data in the Administrator Workbench

See also:

Authorizations for Master Data

Business Explorer - components / S_RS_COMP

Authorizations for using different components for the query definition

See also:

Authorizations for the Query Definition

Business Explorer - components / S_RS_COMP1

Authorization for Queries from Specific Owners

See also:

Authorizations for Working with a Query

Business Explorer – Components / S_RS_FOLD

Display Authorization for Folder

See also:

Authorizations for Working with a Query

Business Explorer - individual tools / S_RS_TOOLS

Authorizations for individual Business Explorer tools.

BEx Broadcasting authorization for scheduling/ S_RS_BCS

Authorizations for the Registration of Broadcasting Settings for Execution

For more information on authorization objects for the application area Business Planning and Simulation (BW BPS), see the documentation for BW BPS Authorizations.

The following authorization objects have been defined for the data mining application area:

Technical Name



Authorization for uploading data mining results into the BW system


Authorization for working with analytical models


Authorizations for working with analysis processes



Also refer to the online documentation on authorization objects. You can find the documentation under Tools Administration User maintenance Information System Authorization objects Authorization objects by Complex Selection Criteria By Object Class. For the object class, enter either RS (for Business Information Warehouse objects) or RSAN (for data mining objects).Choose Execute. Select an authorization object, and choose Documentation. You get a description of the fields defined in the authorization object.

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Authorization Templates


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