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 Procedure documentation Creating InfoObjects: Characteristics  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure



       1.      Using the context menu, select Create InfoObject from your InfoObject catalog for characteristics.

       2.      Enter a name and a description.

       3.      Specify a reference characteristic or a template InfoObject. If you choose a template InfoObject, transfer its properties for your new characteristic so that you can then edit them. You can find additional information about reference characteristics under Tab Page: Compounding in the section Reference InfoObject.

       4.      Confirm your entries.

       5.      Maintain the Tab Page: General. You must enter at least the description, data type, and data length. All the following settings and tab pages are optional.

       6.      Maintain the Tab Page: Business Explorer

       7.      Maintain the Tab Page: Master Data/Texts

       8.      Maintain the Tab Page: Hierarchy

       9.      Maintain the Tab Page: Attributes This tab page is only available if you have set the With Master Data indicator on the Master Data/Texts tab page.

   10.      Maintain the Tab Page: Compounding

   11.      Save and Activate the characteristic you have created.


Characteristics have to be activated before they can be used.

Save means that all changed characteristics are created, and that the table entries are saved. Currently, however, they cannot be used for reporting in InfoProviders. For the time being, if it already exists, the activated, older version remains unchanged here.

Only once you have activated, are the relevant objects created in the data dictionary (data elements, domains, text tables, master data tables, and programs). Only now do the InfoProviders work with the activated, new version.

In the InfoObject maintenance, you can switch at any time between any D, M, or A versions that exist for an InfoObject.


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