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The SAP Business Connector (SAP BC) enables the extension of business processes across the Internet, and the integration of non-SAP products using an open and non-proprietary technology.

The SAP Business Connector covers bi-directional, synchronous, and asynchronous communication with an SAP Server.

Implementation Considerations

The SAP Business Connector is a standalone software component that is installed and administrated independently of the SAP system. You can find the installation files in the Internet at


The SAP BC contains a fully functional RFC Server and Client. This enables bi-directional real-time communication (inbound and outbound) with an SAP system. From the perspective of the SAP application, communication with the SAP BC is the same as with any other RFC Server. The SAP RFC format is converted to XML or HTML, so that the system at the other end of the communication channel does not have to be an SAP system.

The SAP BC supports synchronous (RFC) and asynchronous (tRFC) communication, and thus supports both BAPI and ALE scenarios.

IDocs can be converted into hierarchical structures with access to each individual field. This enables the modification of IDoc content while it is being processed in the SAP BC.

The SAP BC enables data exchange via HTTP without affecting the existing security infrastructure. It can also control communication between different SAP releases.

Using the SAP Interface Repository (in the Internet at, the SAP BC can access the BAPI interfaces provided by SAP and the corresponding documentation.


Synchronous and asynchronous communication with SAP systems using RFC and tRFC

Bi-directional communication to and from SAP systems

Services for processing IDocs and BAPIs

XML-enabling and Internet-enabling of SAP releases prior to SAP Web AS 6.10

Support of BizTalk XML envelopes for BAPI and RFC

Support of integrated error handling of BAPIs and RFCs at XML level


Further Information

For more information on the SAP BC, see the following:

       SAP BC Functions

       SAP BC Architecture

       SAP BC Routing

or in the Internet:


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