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If you want to install the SAP Java Connector as a standalone component, you can download the installation files from SAPNet at This section contains the most important guidelines for installation. Note the additional information on the download page in SAPNet.


SAP JCo 2.0


SAP JCo 2.0  JDK version 1.2 or higher. If you still need JDK 1.1, continue to use SAP JCo 1.1 (1.1.04 or higher).



The following instructions apply for Windows32 operating systems. The instructions for the installation of SAP JCo on other operating systems are included in the corresponding download files.


       1.      Create a directory, for example C:\\SAPJCo, and extract the JCo .zip file into this directory.

       2.      Copy the file librfc32.dll  from your SAP JCo main directory to C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32, as long as the version that is already there is not a more recent version than the one that is delivered with the SAP JCo.

       3.      Make sure that the file sapjco.jar (in the SAP JCo main directory) is contained in the class path for all projects for which you want to use the SAP JCo..


For productive operation, the following files from the SAP JCo .zip file are necessary:





NoteSAP highly recommends that you store sapjco.jar and sapjcorfc.dll in the same directory.


In addition, the download .zip file contains the following directories:

         The docs directory, which contains the Javadocs for SAP JCo. The Javadocs contain an overview of all SAPJCo classes and interfaces, and a detailed description of the corresponding objects, methods, parameters, and fields. Start with the file index.html (<drive>:\<SAPJCo>\docs\jco\index.html).

         The demo directory, which contains some example programs, including the examples described in the section SAP JCo Programming .


SAP JCo 2.1


The only difference between the prerequisites for installation of SAP JCo 2.1 and release 2.0 is the required JDK version: for SAP JCo 2.1 you required the JDK 1.3 or higher.


The procedure for the installation of SAP JCo release 2.1 is identical to the procedure described above for release 2.0.

New Functions

SAP JCo release 2.1 offers the following new functions:

         You can use a connection for DSR (Distributed Statistic Record). This function requires that you have implemented CCMS Monitoring (Computing Center Management System) .

         SAP code pages are used with JCo 2.1, which therefore guarantees complete conversion of characters for all languages used by SAP.



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