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Procedure documentation Transformation for Weighted Score Tables  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You must create an analysis process for transformation to perform scoring calculation using This graphic is explained in the accompanying text weighted score tables.


        The model must be activated

        To execute the transformation, the analysis process must be activated


To create an analysis process for prediction:

1.       Choose Create

2.       Select an application from the drop-down menu and select Okay. Your analysis process will be assigned to the appropriate folder on the left side of the screen

3.       Enter the description for the analysis process

4.       Drag a data source into the work area and enter the detail settings in the dialog box that appears

5.       Drag the weighted table scoring icon, that is, source for transformation, in the work area

6.       Connect the two nodes with the mouse

7.       Select the data mining method and choose Properties from the context menu. Alternatively, you can double click on this node to make the settings in the dialog box that appears

  1. In the prediction parameters screen:
    1. Enter the description  and specify the model that you want to use for the Weighted Score Table. You can also create a new model based on the input data, using the Create option
    2. Specify the name and description of the field for the prediction score in the Prediction Output
    3. Specify the mapping between the model fields and data input fields in Prediction Input.  For the mapping, only non-key content type are used
  2. Save the analysis process and activate it
  3. Execute the analysis process
  4. To display the transformation results, choose Display Data  from the context menu
  5. To display the statistics, choose Display Basic Statistics
  6. To display the summary of results, choose Calculation Summary
  7. To display the stored results, choose Intermediate Results

For more details, see Transformations for an Analysis Process.


The prediction score is the result from weighted score tables. As a result of scoring prediction, the input data gets enriched by a column containing this predicted score. You can rename the generated data field name and descriptions that stores the score output.

For more details, see Weighted Score Tables

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