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Depending on the installation of the J2EE Engine on which you have installed the JDI and SLD, you need to use either UME or an SAP system as the user store. In this tutorial, we assume that you are using UME for both the JDI and the SLD. To work through the tutorial, you must create the following users:

You must create the users USER1, USER2 and CMS-User both in the UME of the J2EE engine of the JDI and in the J2EE engine of the SLD.

Creating Users


The following shows you how to create various users.

However, the users USER1, USER2 and Admin are only placeholders for real persons.

CMSadm, on the other hand, is the user name recommended by SAP for the CMS user used by the CMS to access the DTR, CBS, and SLD.


       1.      Choose Create User.

       2.      Create the users USER1, USER2, Admin and CMSadm one after the other.


The J2EE engine requires that you change the initial password of a user at the first logon. Therefore, after creating the users, log on to the J2EE engine once with every user and change the initial password.

If the SLD is installed on a different J2EE engine, make sure to use identical passwords in all systems.

Assigning Users to Groups


       1.      Choose Groups.

The Groups screen appears.

       2.      In the field Groups, select the JDI.Developers group and choose Assign Users to ...

The Assign User(s) screen appears.


For more information, see the Installation Guide - SAP NetWeaver Java Development Infrastructure under Installation. Read section 2.2 Step 2: Set up Privileges, Roles and Groups.

       3.      Choose Add User ...

The Search for User screen appears.

       4.      For the user ID, enter USER1 and choose Search.

The Search Result(s) screen appears.

       5.      In the list of users, select USER1 and choose Select.

On the Assign User(s) screen, you see a list of all users that have the JDI.Developers role. USER1 is now part of the list.

       6.      Assign USER2 to group JDI.Developers in the same way.

       7.      In the same way, assign the JDI.Administratorsgroup to the users Admin and CMSadm.


If the SLD is installed on a separate J2EE engine, you must create the users USER1, USER2 and CMSadm there as well.


You have created the required users for the JDI and assigned them to the required groups.





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