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The SLD server contains component information about all existing software modules, as well as their combination options and dependencies. This information represents the basis for the description of the system landscape.

SAP provides component information about all SAP software modules. You can get the current model data from the master component information provided on SAP Service Marketplace (see SAP Note 669669).


The component description provides you with the following information:

        Software product and software component attributes components

        Software components

        Releases and Support Packages


        Supported platforms, versions of operation systems, databases, and so on

        Combination options and integration matrix


SAP Basis 6.20 is a software component. It is registered in the component information as a CIM instance of the class SAP_SoftwareComponent. The entry contains important information about this component (date of implementation and end of support, for example). In addition, all existing Support Packages for the component are registered and associated with the software component.


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