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You can create workbook templates, into which you can insert your queries. Workbook templates contain the following elements:

        Preset positions for the different areas (title, filter cells, results area, text element)

        Format settings: You can change the background pattern, color scheme, and so on.

        Logo, Bitmaps

        VBA macros

See: Integration with Visual Basic for Applications



       1.      Insert a query into a workbook.

       2.      Format the workbook (see Formatting)

       3.      Add other elements if required:

-         Logo

-         Bitmaps

-         VBA macros and control elements that start the macros.

       4.      Save the workbook.


If you do not use the preset positions for the areas of the query, skip step 1. In this case, new queries are inserted into the workbook template from the active cell onwards.


The saved workbook can now be used as a workbook template. If you now want to insert a query into this workbook template, you have the following options:

        From the BEx toolbar, choose Settings New workbook on embed is selected from list. You can now select the required workbook as a template.

        From the BEx toolbar, choose Settings New workbook on embed is based on a permanent template.

When you insert a query into the workbook template, the last query (not all queries!) that you added is deleted and swapped with the new query that is embedded.


If you delete the query that you used to create the workbook template (step 1) and that holds the invisible position data for the query before you save the workbook (step 4), the position data is destroyed and can lead to undesired results.




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