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SAP NetWeaver provides an open integration and application platform and permits the integration of the Enterprise Services Architecture. You can unify business processes across technological boundaries, integrate applications for your employees as needed, and access and edit simple information easily and in a structured manner.


SAP NetWeaver is the basis for all SAP solutions on a given hardware. The business applications and the SAP xApps use the key areas of SAP NetWeaver as shown in the following graphic.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

SAP NetWeaver is designed to support the Microsoft .NET™ and IBM WebSphere standards.


SAP NetWeaver covers the following topics and components:



        People Integration:

        Multi-channel access



        Information Integration:

        Business Intelligence

        Knowledge Management

        Master Data Management

        Process Integration:

        Integration Broker

        Business Process Management

        Application Platform:



        Business Services


        DB and OS abstraction

        SAP Knowledge Warehouse

        Life Cycle Management:


        Software Change Management

        System Management

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