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SAP Exchange Infrastructure (SAP XI) forms the basis for the integration of business processes.

SAP XI provides a technical infrastructure for XML-based message exchange to enable the integration of SAP systems with each other on the one hand, and SAP and non-SAP systems on the other.

In SAP XI, integration knowledge is shipped in the form of pre-defined integration scenarios. Furthermore, SAP XI provides a set of integrated tools for creating and managing all integration-relevant information.


Process integration is one of the three integration layers of SAP NetWeaver.

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Process Integration: Key Areas

Key Area


Integration Broker

SAP Exchange Infrastructure permits XML/SOAP-based communications between components of different origins. You can define the following objects:

        Integration Scenarios



        Integration Processes

Business Process Management

Business Process Management encompasses the following areas:

        Control business processes within application systems by using SAP Business Workflow

        Control integration processes (ccBPM) by using SAP Exchange Infrastructure

        Control Ad-hoc Workflows by using the Universal Worklist (UWL) in the Enterprise Portal.



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