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The following section explains how you can write your own JCo programs for servers if you use the standalone version of SAP JCo.

A JCo server program implements functions that are called up by an RFC client. The JCo server program is registered via the SAP Gateway and waits for inbound RFC calls.


        An RFC server program registers itself under a program ID to an SAP gateway (not for a specific SAP system).

        If an RFC call is passed on from any SAP system to this SAP gateway with the option “Connection with a registered program” (with the same program ID), the connection takes place with the corresponding JCo server program.

        Once an RFC function has been executed, the JCo Server waits for further RFC calls from the same or other SAP systems.

        If an RFC connection is interrupted or terminated, the JCo server automatically registers itself again on the same SAP gateway under the same program ID.


        You are using the standalone version of SAP JCo.

        Using transaction SM59, you have defined a destination with connection type T (TCP/IP connection) in the SAP system.

        You have chosen the registration mode (“Registered server program” option under the “Technical settings” tab page) for this destination.

        The destination contains the required information about the SAP gateway and the registered RFC server program.

Additional Information

The following sections provide examples of how to program various JCo server functions:

        Establishing an RFC Connection (Inbound Call from SAP System)

        Java Program for Establishing a Server Connection

        Exception Listener

        Server State Change Listener

        Processing an ABAP Call


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