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You use this function when you want to change the characteristic values of data records.

Reposting differs fundamentally from most of the other planning functions: Whereas the other planning functions make changes to key figure values you use reposting to change the specific combination of characteristic values that a data record belongs to (for example, to a specific division or region).

Reposting largely corresponds to the Copy function. However it is different in the following respects:

        You can only perform reposting within a planning package.

        You select the fields that are to be changed. For the planning parameters (parameter groups) you specify the old and the new value. The system reposts the old value as the new value.

        The key figure in the old data record is deleted.


The target values that you want to plan as a result of the reposting must be maintained in the relevant master data tables.


You can determine that reposting is only carried out for those data records that have a specific characteristic combination. You define these combinations by including the characteristic affected as a condition field. Apart from characteristics, you can also use the generic entry "key figure name" so that the function is carried out for certain key figures only.

When you create a parameter group for the function, two columns appear for each of these characteristics. Here, you enter the old value to be changed and the new replacement value. If you have also included key figures in the condition fields, you can make this setting separately for each key figure you have selected.

Background documentation

The system proceeds as follows during reposting: The existing data record is deleted. If there is not yet a data record that contains the new characteristic value combination and the same key figure selection, then a new data record is generated for the new characteristic value to which it is reposted. However, if such a data record already exists, then the key figure values of the data record to be reposted are added to the key figure values of the existing data record. Therefore, in this case no new data record is formed in the database, instead only the key figure values of the existing data record change.

The data records with the original characteristic values that were changed in reposting are no longer available.

The new characteristic values that are generated by reposting must be covered by the characteristic value restrictions that are valid for the planning level or planning package. Otherwise, no changes are made.


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