XML Download

You have 5 different options for XML download. Each option has scenario-specific search options:

  • Inbound NF-es

  • Inbound NF-es (Release 1.0)

  • Outbound NF-es


    This option includes NF-es in layout 2.00 and higher layout versions.

  • Inbound CT-es

  • Outbound CT-es

  • Outbound MDF-es

Use the action Download XML Data to create a ZIP file that contains the XML files that you specified in your search request. If the electronic document (Inbound and Outbound) contains events, then their respective XML files are automatically added to the ZIP file.

If certain data for a document is not accessible, then the respective access keys are listed in a table for manual error correction.


The XML download application reads the selected search criteria from the database as well as from the archive (if existing).

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