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Component documentation SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence 


SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (SAP MII) enables you to integrate your plant and enterprise systems and display integrated data to your employees. You can use SAP MII to view, measure, and compare the performance of plants and assets with different automation system infrastructures. SAP MII reduces the cost of synchronizing plant and enterprise business processes by using the following:

  Plant system connectors

  Business logic services

  Integration scenarios


SAP MII is powered by SAP NetWeaver.

The following software units are required for some SAP MII functions:

  SAP Java Connector (SAP JCo)

  SAP Java Resource Adapter (SAP JRA)


To access the SAP MII administration menu, enter http://<server:port>/XMII/Menu.jsp in your browser.

From the SAP MII administration menu, you access SAP MII components to which you have permission. For more information about system permissions, see Security Services.

The main components of the SAP MII administration menu include the following:

  System Management

  Security Services

  Data Services

  Content Development

Including the SAP MII Workbench

  Message Services

  System Resources


To log off of the SAP MII system, close your browser window.

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