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Component documentation Media Product Master 


The component Media Product Master contains maintenance functions for media product master data that are linked to the material master in the MM (Materials Management) component and can be used to record master data on various media, such as newspapers, magazines, CDs, and books.

If you use the media product master, all the cross-industry views, functions and uses of the Structure linkmaterial master are available to you in the various standard SAP applications. This applies in particular to the functions and uses of the standard material types (for example, finished product, semifinished product).

In addition to this integration with the various cross-industry standard material master applications, the media product master is also integrated with IS-Media-specific functions for Structure linkMedia Product Sales and Distribution and Structure linkMedia Product Development. For detailed information on these areas, see the SAP Library.

Media-Specific Product Maintenance

In addition to the material master on which it is based, the media product master contains media-specific fields (such as the publication date) in special screen sequences. You can use these media-specific fields and screen sequences by using special media-specific maintenance transactions for the media product master, which also contain all the maintenance functions for the cross-industry screen sequences and functions.
This means you do not need to switch between media-specific and cross-industry maintenance transactions when maintaining a media product master but can instead use the media-specific transactions exclusively. However, you can also maintain general data that does not require media product-specific enhancements using the usual cross-industry maintenance transactions.

You can document the business partners responsible for creating a media product in their respective roles (for example, Author) in the function assign business partners to media product master. For identification purposes, you can assign one or more Structure linkID codes (for example, ISBN) to a media product master record.

Media Product Master Hierarchy

You can also use the media product master to assign master records in the media product master to each other in a hierarchical relationship. You can assign media issues to a media product and assign the media product to a media product family. You create the data on the actual product to be delivered at master data level for the media issue.

Use of the media product master hierarchy is optional. Each master data level can contain all the required media-specific or cross-industry functions. You can define and configure the meaning of the individual hierarchy levels for your company and the functions linked to them (for example, screen sequences) according to your company’s requirements.

If synchronization of product master data with the periodical product master is active for subscription processing, you must maintain the entire media product master hierarchy (see Structure linkProduct Synchronization).

The following diagram gives an example of how the media product master hierarchy can be structured.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

Levels of the Media Product Master Hierarchy

The three levels of the media product hierarchy are presented below, together with examples of their possible uses.

·  Media issue

The data object on the lowest level represents the concrete variant of a product, usually the physical variant; this means the unit of sale of a product that is actually published on a characteristic sales date (publication date, launch at movie theater) in a concrete medium.


Further physical units of sale include the online edition of a newspaper, a broadcast of a TV episode or an MP3 file for download.

Media issues as physical variants of the product are manufactured, purchased, stored, sold and distributed. This means you should use material types for the media issue that support these functions and provide the required data in the screen sequences.
For example, if the media issue is to be inventory-managed, you need the views for choosing the methods for determining the valuation price and you may also need those for further subdividing the production units into batches and valuation classes.


·  First edition of a book in language English and Hardcover

·  Print edition of a magazine on March 24th, 2003

·  VHS video cassette of a film in language Spanish for video lending, format PAL (in addition to other home video editions on DVD)

·  Concrete episode of a television series with its initial broadcast date

·  Media product

The data object on the middle hierarchy level summarizes the business context for all the physical units of sale (media issues). You can define the business context according to your requirements. The media product can be a sales product, e.g. when a subscription is taken out or a series is purchased.


Business data referring to

·  all editions and media variants of a book in language English

·  all copies of the print edition of a magazine title

·  all home video exploitations of a film (in addition to the other exploitations for cinema and television)

·  season of a television series containing 13 episodes

·  Media product family

The data object on the highest level groups information of an organizational nature that applies to all the media products in this family.


General organizational data on

·  all local editions of a newspaper

·  all publication variants of a book

·  all exploitations

·  the format of a television series that covers all the seasons and additional exploitations produced




Record products produced by media companies on the hierarchical levels

·  Media product family

·  Media product

·  Media issue

You can use the maintenance functions to manage the master data on various media products. This data forms the basis for recording sales orders.

Display and maintain media product master hierarchies

The media product master browser allows you to display and maintain media product master hierarchies. You can use it to display and extend the hierarchy structure of a media product family or a media product.

Mass maintenance of media product master data

The mass maintenance tool in the R/3 system allows you to change master data fields for a selected set of media product master data.

Functions specific to Media Sales and Distribution

·  Issue sequence
Monitor for planning and generating media issues for the media product.

·  Product kit (only for Media Product Sales and Distribution)
Subdivides a media product into components (for example, the common part of the media product, culture section, sports section) that can be delivered separately.

·  Product mix (only for subscription processing)
Special object for use in maintaining the mix type definition and the mix offer for the media product.
This data is not recorded in the media product master.

Record and maintain ad inserts

Ad inserts are used in the following mySAP Media solutions:

·  Advertising Management
Business and logistics processing of ad insert sales takes place in the ad insert order (see Ad Insert Item) in Advertising Management.

·  Media Product Sales and Distribution
Ad inserts can be assigned as inserts to retailers‘ contracts (see Structure linkInsert Planning). During order generation, the system adds the ad insert to the order for the media issue as a sub-item.