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 Multi-Level, Sales Order Planning


With multi-level, sales order planning you can plan a sales order item , for which the strategy Make-to-order production is entered in the material master, over several production levels .


  • Here, the system does not plan all requirements as in single-item, multi-level planning run, but instead, it plans only those of the sales order item selected across all BOM levels. Therefore you can then check the planning result for the sales order item across all BOM levels and can also make any necessary corrections during the planning run.

  • An individual customer segment is created for the sales order item at every BOM level that is relevant to make-to-order, in the MRP list and the stock/requirements list. The quantities required for the sales order item are maintained and settled as sales order stock .

  • In the standard SAP system, the lot-for-lot order quantity is used for make-to-order production. If necessary, you can go into Customizing for MRP under Check lot-sizing procedure and choose another lot-sizing procedure.

  • As event-based MRP , sales order planning can be triggered automatically on entering or changing a sales order item. To be able to do this you must select the field in Customizing for Sales and Distribution under Define requirements classes.


  1. Starting from the MRP node, choose Start of the navigation path Planning Next navigation stepSingle-item, sales order. End of the navigation path

    The initial screen for sales order planning, multi-level appears.

  2. Enter the number of the sales order and the number of the sales order item.

  3. Enter the control parameters required, as described in Control Parameters for the Planning Run and Single-Item, Multi-Level Planning and start the planning run.

    For further information on processing the result see Working with the Material List and Working with the Planning Result .

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