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Background documentationOEE Report


You use this report to obtain information about the actual overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) for resources and work centers over periods of time, the comparison of actual OEE with a target OEE, and the values for component metrics of the OEE including availability efficiency, operational efficiency, performance efficiency, quality efficiency, and rate efficiency.

For more information, see SAP ME Objects.


You have configured SAP MII to connect to the SAP ME WIP database.

You have set the following system rules on the System Rule Maintenance screen before running production that you want to track:

  • Track Production to true

  • Track Resource Time to Yes – Track Idle Time

  • Time-Based Resource (Genealogy) to true

  • ERP Integration Active to true

You have set aging and cleanup scripts to retain data in WIP for the period needed for the report.

You have defined standard cycle times and OEE targets in OEE Standard Definition (see OEE Standard Definition).


The following table describes fields requiring explanation:



Display Efficiencies

Displays OEE calculations based on the specified search criteria.

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