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A Unique Field for a table is a field that must contain a unique value for each record, or in the case of a Unique Field combination, the field combinations whose combined values must be unique for each record.

For example, in the main Products table, SKU and UPC might each be a Unique Field, and the combination of Manufacturer and Part Number might be a Unique Field combination.


Object tables and special tables don’t have Unique Fields.

The uniqueness test is case-insensitive. For example, the values “ABC-123” and “abc-123” would be considered the same by MDM.

Even though a unique field generally prevents more than one record from having the same value (or value combination in the case of a unique field combination), multiple records are permitted to have the value NULL for the unique field. The reason for this is that while unique fields are used to distinguish between multiple records, a unique field with the value NULL means the record has not yet been fully defined, and therefore should not conflict with other records that are also not yet fully defined.


To specify the Unique Field(s) for a table:


       1.      In the Console Hierarchy tree, select the applicable MDM repository.

       2.      In the Tables pane, select the table whose Unique Fields you want to specify.

       3.      In the Table Detail pane, double-click on the Unique Fields property. MDM opens a dual-list drop-down control for multiple-item selection.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

       4.      Select or deselect fields from the drop-down list, as follows:

       To add Available fields(s) to the Unique Fields list, highlight them and click the Add button.

       To remove fields from the Unique Fields list, highlight them and click the Remove button.

       To add all of the fields to the Unique Fields list, click All.

       To remove all of the fields from the Unique Fields list, click None.

       To reorder the unique fields, drag-and-drop them in the list of Unique Fields.

       5.      To require the combination of selected field values to be unique, select the fields in the Selected fields list and click Combine. The individual field items are replaced by a single item listing each of the fields separated by a plus sign (+), as shown in the figure below.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text


To undo a Combine, select the combined item and click Split.

       6.      Press Enter or click on the up triangle to close the drop-down control.

       7.      To save the new Unique Fields, right-click on the Table Detail pane and choose Save Table from the context menu, or press Shift + Enter.


MDM indicates the Unique Fields in the Fields pane by placing the numeric value of the unique field in square brackets ([]) in the UF column for the applicable fields. Combined fields will have the same numeric value.

If the top-right pane is currently displaying the list of Fields, you can also click on a field in the grid and change its status as a Unique Field by changing its Unique Field property between Yes and No in the Field Detail pane.


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